Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coachella weekend

I was fortunate enough to get tickets for Coachella just days before the event! I have been going for the past five years in a row with the exception of last  year since my son was only 1 month old. No way was I going to miss another year, and I am hoping that when Skyler gets a little bit older I can take him too. Now, I know what everyone's going to say...Oh my but that's no place for a child! Well this weekend I saw a few kids that went and there are some kid friendly areas such as the VIP area, Rose garden and Artist area. Music is a big part of my life and it represents so many things: Expression of Individuality, Fashion, Emotions, Art and Inspiration that I just want to be able to share that experience with him. Thats what this weekend was all about for me. Sometimes I get so caught up with life, work, and school that I forget how much I love music and how it makes me feel. How it touches me with the lyrics and how I want to express myself through with what I wear. It was just great to have some "momma" time and sit back and relax in the sun with all of my friends. Coachella you never disappoint me :)
We had front row access to all of the stages! YES!!
OMD was amazing Live!
Ben Benassi with surprise guest John Legend

Shirt from Forever 21