Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday type of Love

Yesterday was a good day, I was a bit tired from the entire week that I just wanted it to be a lazy Sunday.  Unfortunately, with an 11 month old baby that is impossible. I saw that my son was cranky and bored so I sucked it up and got ourselves dressed and went to the market to purchase some items for a picnic  at the park.  When we arrived to the park it suddenly got cold and I just wanted to turn around and make a run for the car.  After I forced myself to eat and savor the food ( I am the type that cannot think when it's bleeping cold!) I got up and started walking around with my son and just let him run wild. I was able to grab my Ipad and follow him around and started videotaping him and taking pictures.  I started warming up by then with all the chasing I was doing, and I was able to capture the most beautiful, heart warming picture I've ever seen. It captures his early years as an innocent child running freely with so much joy and love in his face.  It just made everything so worth it and made me realize that pushing myself that extra mile even when I don't want to is always worth it and my son deserves all of it.

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